Getting around Osaka: the metro

The Osaka Metro includes 8 lines and 125 stations. As with the Tokyo metro, the cost of the ticket increases as the distance travelled increases.

It starts at a minimum of 190 yen and goes up to 390 yen.
You almost certainly won’t need to use the underground, in fact, as in Tokyo there is the Yamanote Line, also in Osaka there is a circular line (Osaka Loop Line) that covers the main stations and is operated by Japan Railways, so on this line you can use the Japan Rail Pass.

You can take a day pass at a cost of 820 Yen. The pass is called ‘Osaka 1-Day Pass – Enjoy Eco Card’ and gives you the opportunity to take the metro and all buses in Osaka for a whole day. You will also get a discount if you present the pass at some of the city’s attractions.

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