Travel insurance for Japan

To take or not to take health insurance for a trip to Japan? I recommend you do it and I will explain why. As in the US, healthcare in Japan is private, so in case of need (hospitalisation, medical treatment, etc.), you will need insurance to cover these expenses.

The Italian health card (i.e. the blue one with the tax code) is worthless outside the Schengen area.
There are many insurance companies, both online and physical, that offer this type of health cover, it is up to you to look for the one that is right for you.

Try to get a quote with the insurances I recommend below and you’re done.
The cost varies depending on the days you stay, what is covered and the maximum limits.
In addition to health insurance, there is the possibility of being insured against cancellation of the trip. Obviously, the reasons for cancellation must be documented.

Health insurance can also be taken out the day before departure, while the cancellation policy is usually to be taken out within 48 hours of the air ticket being issued.

Below you will find many DISCOUNT CODES for the best insurance policies.


the discount codes are valid for any trip, even to other countries outside Japan.

Kawagchi F.D., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons