The Tokyo Metro

The Tokyo Metro consists of 13 lines and 274 stations. 9 lines are operated by Tokyo Metro and the other 4 by Toei.
As in all subways, there are various types of tickets.

A single ticket costs between 170 and 320 yen for the Tokyo Metro (depending on the distance you travel). Toei prices on the other hand range from 180 Yen to 380 Yen. If you plan to use the ticket do the minimum 170 Yen one, if you go over the mileage, you will pay the difference at the exit in the “Fair Adjustment machines” just before the turnstiles.
I remind you that the ticket is not only for entering but also for leaving the station. So be sure not to miss it.

In the metro you can use the Pasmo and Suica. With these cards you get a very small discount (in brackets). Ticket 170 Yen (2 Yen), 200 Yen (1 Yen), 250 Yen (8 Yen), 290 Yen (7 Yen), 320 Yen (6 Yen)
Tickets and day passes can be purchased at each station from ticket machines. Don’t worry, there is also English.

24-, 48- and 72-hour passes, on the other hand, must be bought at certain places (see table below)

The day pass must be inserted every time you enter and exit the metro into the slot of the turnstile. If you use the Suica or Pasmo card, do NOT insert it into the slot (it would get stuck), but place it on the card reader.

Children under 6 do not pay. Those between 6 and 11 years old pay half price.

The Japan Rail Pass is not valid in the metro.

A good alternative to the metro is to use the JR urban lines such as the Yamanote line or the Chuo/Sobu line.

Metro map


Tokyo Subway Ticket

These passes can be used for all 13 Tokyo Metro and Toei lines (those shown on the map at the top of the page).
The passes are available for 24, 48 and 72 hours at a price of 800, 1200 and 1500 Yen (half price for children aged 6 to 11). If you buy the 24-hour pass, validity begins at the time of first use (e.g. 7:00 am on 04/04) and ends exactly 24 hours later (e.g. 7:00 am on 05/04).
These passes can be purchased at Narita and Haneda airports, BIC Camera shops, major metro stations and other places listed at this link.

These passes are NOT valid on JR lines and private company lines (e.g. Yurikamome, Monorail, Keikyu, Keisei, Keio, etc.).

You can purchase this pass in a discounted package together with your Skyliner train ticket (see details)

These subscriptions entitle you to discounts or small gifts at many places in Tokyo. To see go to the Chika Toku website (see details)

Price: 800, 1200 and 1500 Yen (half for children aged 6 to 11)
Validity: on the 13 Tokyo Metro and Toei lines.
Duration: 24, 48 and 72 hours effective

Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket

Price: Adults 600 Yen / Children 300 Yen
Validity: on the 9 Tokyo Metro lines
Duration: the pass is valid for 24 hours from the time of first use.

Common One-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway

Price: Adults 900 Yen / Children 450 Yen
Validity: on the 13 Tokyo Metro and Toei lines
Duration: 1 day

Tokyo Combination Ticket

Price: Adults 1600 Yen / Children 800 Yen
Validity: on all Tokyo Metro lines, Toei, Toei Streetcar (Toden), Tokyo metropolitan bus, all sections of the Nippori/Toneri Liners and all JR lines in central Tokyo.
Duration: 1 day

Toei One-day Economy Pass

Price: Adults 700 yen / Children 350 yen
Validity: on the 4 Toei lines, Toei bus, Toei Streetcar (Toden) and all sections of the Nippori/Toneri Liners
Duration: 1 day

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