Data SIM and eSim

If you want to be always connected to the Internet with your smartphone without spending a fortune, in Japan there is the possibility of buying prepaid SIM cards with data traffic. You can buy the data SIM before you leave and have it sent to your home. You can book it online and pick it up directly at the airport or hotel in Japan, or (more expensive solution), buy it directly on the spot (airport, electronic shops such as BIC Camera or Yamada Denki). Below you will find descriptions of SIM cards offered by various telephone companies or travel agencies.

Before buying a SIM card, check that it is supported by your smartphone or tablet.

A good alternative is to buy an eSim. If your smartphone does not have an eSim built-in, you can buy a sim that can make your smartphone eSim-compatible. Click here to learn more about

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Japan Wireless

With Japan Wireless there are 5 types of SIM available (7, 15, 30). All SIMs provide 500MB per day.

For each SIM you have to add 500 Yen for shipping to the airport or hotel.

You can use the discount code of 25%: JPW044 or the 1000 Yen discount code 2ji017

Days Price Data
7 days 3790 Yen 500 MB/day
15 days 4420 Yen 500 MB/day
30 days 5050 Yen 500 MB/day

All prices include VAT.

Japan Experience

With Japan Experience you can receive the data SIM directly at home (8 Euro shipping).

There are 3 plans with unlimited data. Of 8, 16 and 31 days.

If you are surfing via smartphone or tablet on the Japan Experience website, click on the menu at the top left and then on “Simcard”.

Days Price Data
8 days 3780 Yen Unlimited
16 days 4500 Yen Unlimited
31 days 5300 Yen Unlimited

Tutti i prezzi sono Iva inclusa.

eSim Holafly

A good alternative to sim cards to buy at the airport are eSims (virtual sims). You can buy your eSim for Japan at The price ranges from 19 Euro (5 days) up to 99 Euro (60 days). There are 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 and 90 day plans. Data traffic is unlimited.

In total there are 8 plans.

Use the code PERTUTTI to get a 5% discount.

Days Price Data
5 days 19 Euro Unlimited GB
7 days 27 Euro Unlimited GB
10 days 34 Euro Unlimited GB
15 days 47 Euro Unlimited GB
20 days 57 Euro Unlimited GB
30 days 69 Euro Unlimited GB
60 days 87 Euro Unlimited GB
90 days 99 Euro Unlimited GB

All prices include VAT.

eSim Japan Experience

Japan Experience, in addition to providing normal data Sims, also allows the purchase of eSims. There are different plans ranging from a minimum of 8 days with 5 Gb of total data to a maximum of 91 days and 135 Gb.

Days Price Data
8 days 15 Euro 5 GB total
8 days 24 Euro 30 GB total
16 days 29 Euro 50 GB total
31 days 35 Euro 50 GB total
61 days 59 Euro 90 GB total
91 days 79 Euro 135 GB total

All prices include VAT.

eSim Japan Wireless

Japan Wireless offers eSim with various plans. There are three 30-day plans that include 5, 10 and 30 GB and the price ranges from 12.77 Euro to 39.27 Euro.

There are also daily GB plans (500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and 5 GB per day). One can then choose the days the eSim lasts (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 or 30 days). The minimum price is EUR 2.33, the maximum EUR 80.51.

All prices include VAT.

eSim Airalo

Another eSim provider for Japan is Prices range from $4.50 for 1GB of traffic for 7 days to $26 for 20GB of traffic for 30 days.

Use code APR15 for 15% discount (for new customers) or APR10 for 10% discount (for existing customers). Valid until 30 April 2024.

Giorni Price Data
7 days 4,50 $ 1 GB total
15 days 6,50$ 2 GB total
30 days 8,50 $ 3 GB total
30 days 11,50 $ 5 GB total
30 days 18 $ 10 GB total
30 days 26 $ 20 GB total

All prices include VAT.


B-mobile offers two SIM cards valid for 10 and 21 days. Days or Gb can be added for 500 Yen (per day or for 1Gb more). The SIM can be ordered over the Internet and delivered to the post office at the airport of arrival (at an additional cost of 370 Yen) or directly to the hotel (an additional 520 Yen).
Alternatively, you can go to one of the shops indicated on the official site and buy it directly there.

Days Price Data
10 days 1980 Yen 5 GB total
21 days 2970 Yen 7 GB total

All prices include VAT.