Pocket Wifi

The Pocket WiFi, i.e. the portable router to connect to the Internet in Japan.

Let’s face it: I can’t stay disconnected! So when I organised my trip a few years ago, I decided to look for a solution that would allow me to have a connection on my iPhone and also on the iPad that I now always carry with me along with my company PC.
Various systems are hired for this purpose, from a disposable sim to a WiFi router.

The first time I opted for a company that was present at the airport, SoftBank, which rented me a soap router for a total of 12 euros per day.
Now I’m doing very well with Japan Wireless, in March 2015 I paid around 5 euros per day for a theoretical 21 Mbps router. Today the cost is still around 5 euros per day (the more days you rent it, the less you pay on average per day) but the theoretical Mbps is 95 for the Business version and 187 for the premium version.
Just go to the site and book the router, paying with Paypal in advance, you will be sent a voucher that with your passport number will allow you to pick up the router in an envelope at the airport post office, the same also contains a pre-stamped envelope to return it at the end, again with big smiles from the Japanese post office employees ^_^
If you arrive late at the airport, there is the option of having the pocket wifi sent to your hotel.

I always found the connection to be excellent, the supplied router comes with an extra battery because it can hold about 4 hours of continuous use, with the battery you can easily cover a day’s connection almost continuously: Facebook, Maps

Photos of Japan Wireless

How to book pocket Wifi

To book the Japan Wireless pocket Wifi, click on the image below. You will be redirected to the Japan Wireless website. Fill in the form with all the necessary data, remembering to enter the discount code.
After making the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the booking code.
If you have chosen to pick up your Pocket Wifi at the airport post office (you can also have it delivered directly to your hotel), simply present the booking code together with your passport.
With the Pocket Wifi you will also receive a power bank (extra battery) and an envelope. This envelope will be used for return. Simply insert the Pocket Wifi into the envelope and hand it in at the reception of your hotel or post it in any mailbox.


The supplier of the Pocket Wifi is the company JAPAN WIRELESS, if you have any questions regarding your order, please contact Japan Wireless customer support directly.

COUPON Japan Wireless (25%)


Practical information

Data usage: unlimited
Maximum speed: 187 Mbps Download / 37.5 Mbps Upload
Battery: 8 hours continuous use (+10 hours with additional battery)
Coverage: 99.9% nationwide coverage
Shared connection: 10 devices simultaneously (smartphone, tablet, PC)


In the event of a malfunction, reset the device (following the instructions below). If the text with 7Gb Limit appears, ignore it, the Gb are unlimited.

Should the device still not work after the reset, please contact Japan Wireless Support.

What the envelope contains


È possibile chiedere il rimborso totale del pocket wifi, scrivendo direttamente al servizio clienti a questa pagina.

Nel caso il pacchetto con il pocket wifi sia già stato spedito, verranno trattenuti 1000 Yen per le spese di spedizione.


Herik Aiolfi