The airline ticket

The air ticket is one of the most important expenses, also in economic terms, involved in organising a trip.
The price can vary between 400 Euro to over 1000 Euro, all depending on the travel period and when the ticket is purchased.

To find good prices you have to book a long time in advance or be lucky enough to find the right offer at the right time.

In my opinion, the important thing is to set yourself a maximum budget for the plane ticket. I think 600/700 Euro is good. One piece of advice I give you is to always keep an eye on the prices of airline tickets. For this I recommend Skyscanner or Google Flights.

Yasu, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

On these sites you can search for one-way, return and multi-trip tickets.

Simply enter the date of travel, departure airport and arrival airport. There is also the possibility to get offers for days ‘close’ to the ones you want.
Of course, ticket prices are also influenced by the period. They are usually higher in August and over the Christmas period.
Once you have found your flight, I recommend buying your ticket directly on the airline’s website.

On the airline sites you can pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Obviously, the type of payment varies from company to company.

If you do not trust buying your ticket online, you can rely on a travel agency, but remember that they will ask you for a commission on each ticket.
Once you have purchased your ticket, you are done.


To enter Japan as a tourist, you must categorically also buy a return ticket, and this must be dated no more than 90 days after your outward journey (tourist visa in Japan lasts 90 days).
If you do not have a return ticket, you may be blocked at passport control once in Japan.

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