Highway bus

In Japan, the Highway Bus network is a vital and efficient mode of transport, linking pulsating metropolises and quiet provincial towns through the network of highways. This long-distance bus system is characterised by comfort, punctuality and convenience, offering travellers a reliable alternative to high-speed trains and planes.

Highway buses, also known as ‘kosoku buses’, take advantage of an extensive network that stretches to every corner of the archipelago, making it possible to reach destinations that are often not directly served by railway lines. This extensive network is operated by several companies, each offering a variety of services, from economy class to the more exclusive premium class, which can offer fully reclining seats, Wi-Fi connections, power outlets and other comforts that make the journey pleasant and relaxed.

Highway Bus tickets offer a range of prices to suit any budget, making them a popular choice among students, solo travellers and families. Seats can be booked online, via apps, or directly at bus stations, providing flexibility and ease of access to this form of transport.

Kitakyushuhamojiko, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another distinctive aspect of these buses is their focus on passenger comfort and safety. The vehicles are equipped with advanced technology and follow strict maintenance procedures. The interiors are designed to offer the utmost in comfort, with spacious seats, soft lighting and clean bathrooms, ensuring a serene travel experience.

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