The Yurikamome is a fully automated (no driver) rubber-tyre train that connects Shimbashi station (Tokyo) to the island of Odaiba.
It includes 16 stops (complete journey in 31 minutes) and the ticket costs from a minimum of 190 yen to a maximum of 390 yen, depending on the length of the journey.
It is also possible to take a day pass that costs 820 Yen and is valid on the entire line.

There is also an “Odaiba – Ariake One-Day Pass” which costs 500 Yen and is only valid between the Odaiba-kaihinkoen and Ariake-tennis-no-mori stations.

On the Yurikamome you can use the Suica and Pasmo, but the Japan Rail Pass is NOT valid.

Photo by Japanforeveryone.com

This is Yurikamome’s day pass.

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