Kansai International Airport

The Kansai International Airport was opened in 1994 and is built on two artificial islands 3 km from the coast. Initially only one island was built, with only one runway, but this limited the use of the airport, so it was decided to build the second island. The terminal was designed by Renzo Piano. The airport is connected to the mainland by a road-railway bridge.

If you have to go to or from Osaka, find all the solutions below.

If you are going to or coming from Kyoto, go to this link.

Official website of Kansai International Airport

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JR Haruka Limited Express

(from 1300 Yen – 30 minutes)

This train connects the airport with Tennoji Station (south of Osaka) in about 30 minutes. The cost of the Haruka One-way ticket with a reserved seat is 1300 yen to Tennji and 1800 yen to Osaka and Shin-Osaka.

The train departs from the airport station every 30 minutes and stops at Tennoji, Osaka, Shin-Osaka and Kyoto stations.
From Tennoji you can take the Osaka Circular Line to the other districts.

The Japan Rail Pass is valid on this train

Hello Kitty Haruka
Haruka One-way Ticket

JRW 281 Haruka 201200913

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JR Kansai Airport Rapid

(from 1080 Yen – from 50 minutes)

The train connects the airport to Tennoji or Osaka Station (depending on the timetable).
The ticket costs 1080 yen to Tennoji and 1210 yen to Osaka Station.

The Japan Rail Pass is valid on this train


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Nankai Rap:t

(1490 Yen – 40 minutes to Namba)

The train connects the airport to Namba (Osaka) station. The cost of the ticket is 1490 Yen. From here you can take the underground to get around the city. You can also get off at Shinimamiya Station and take the JR Loop Line from there.

Discounted tickets can be found on the official website if purchased online.

Nankai Rapit at Namba

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Nankai Airport Express

(970 Yen – 45 minutes to Namba)

The train goes as far as Namba (970 Yen), from here you can take the metro to move around the city.

JRW 225-5000 Kansai Airport Rapid at Kansai Airport Station 2016-08-25

Limousine Bus

(1800 Yen – from 45 minutes)

Il limousine bus collega l’aeroporto con varie zone di Osaka. Namba (1800 Yen in 45 minuti), Osaka Station (1800 Yen in 60 minuti).

Osaka Airport Limousine

Osaka Airport Transport Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Ace 3380

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(from 15000 Yen – from 50 minutes)

Definitely not recommended given the high price of the ride.

MK Taxi


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