Kyoto Metro

Kyoto’s metro system consists of only 2 lines. The Karasuma Line which runs from the south, past the train station and north, and the Tozai Line which runs from west to east and then turns south. The two lines intersect at the Karasuma Oike stop. To reach the various temples, the metro will be almost useless. It might be convenient for moving from the train station to the hotel (arriving or departing, as we did on our departure to Tokyo) as getting on the buses with suitcases is quite uncomfortable, whereas on the metro there is plenty of room.
The ticket starts at 220 Yen and increases as the distance travelled increases up to 360 Yen. As with trains, the ticket is needed to enter and also to leave. There are ticket machines at the entrance with display boards showing the prices for the various stops. If you have taken a ticket for a lower price than the one you need for your stop, don’t worry, before leaving the metro just insert the ticket into the ‘Adjustment Fares’ machines and pay the difference. Once you have paid the difference, your ticket will be returned to you, allowing you to leave the station.

There is a day pass that costs 800 yen.
There is also a day pass for 1100 Yen that allows you to use the Kyoto City Bus, Kyoto Bus, underground, Keihan bus and JR West bus.

My advice is to take the bus to visit the various parts of the city and only use the metro to go from your hotel to the station, as long as your hotel is close to a metro line.

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