How to get to Koyasan

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To get to Koyasan, you can take the train from Namba station or Shin-Imamiya (on the Osaka circular line) of the private Nankai company. There are direct trains to Gokurakubashi (80 minutes – 1680 Yen – 5 trains a day) or you can change trains at Hashimoto (full journey 95 minutes – 890 Yen).
Once in Gokurakubashi you have to take the funicular railway to Koyasan (5 minutes – 500 Yen). From here you take the bus to the Senjuin Bashi stop (10 minutes – 300 Yen).

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Koyasan World Heritage Pass

This pass is valid for 2 consecutive days and can be purchased at major Nankai stations and travel agencies in Osaka.
The pass includes roundtrip travel from Namba or Shin-Imamiya to Koyasan (thus including the funicular railway), unlimited bus rides and discounts for admission to certain places of interest.

The regular pass costs 3540 Yen (the digital version costs 3140 Yen), while the pass that allows you to take the Limited Express trains (only in one direction), costs 4090 Yen (the digital version costs 3690 Yen).

Official website of the Koyasan World Heritage Pass

Kansai Railway Pass

This pass allows you to take all trains of Kansai’s private companies, so it excludes JR.
With this pass you can travel to Koyasan station. The bus from this station to Koyasan is not included.

There are two versions of the pass.
The Kansai Railway Pass 2 Days costs 5600 Yen and lasts for 2 consecutive days.
The Kansai Railway Pass 3 Days costs 7000 Yen and lasts 3 consecutive days.

For children from 6 to 12 years old, the pass costs half as much.

IMPORTANT: If you want to take the Limited Express train to Gokurakubashi you have to pay the supplement.

Official website of the Kansai Railway Pass