Hiroshima trams

Hiroshima’s tram network has 9 lines connecting the various parts of the city to Miyajima-guchi. The lines are divided into two zones, the Inner-city which includes all lines and only part of line 2 and the Miyajima Line which includes line 2 from Hiroden-miyajima-guchi to Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima.
On the Inner-city line a single ride costs 220 yen. If you take line 9 instead, the single ride costs 160 Yen.

If you take line 2 from the Inner-city line to the Miyajima-line the ticket costs 220 to 270 Yen (depending on the distance). If you take line 2 from the Miyajima line to the Miyajima line, a single ride costs between 140 and 230 yen.
To take the tram, simply get on from the back and pay the fare before getting off by inserting coins into the machine next to the driver. If you are using Line 2, you must pick up a ticket with a number on it when you get on. Before getting off, check the board above the driver and next to your number the price to pay for the ride will be indicated.

On trams you can pay using IC Cards such as Suica, Icoca, Pasmo, Toica, Kitaca, etc.. Simply place the card on the reader both when getting on and off the tram.

A good alternative to trams is the JR Loop Bus, which can be used with the Japan Rail Pass.

1-Day Trip Card (700 and 900 Yen)

There are two types of day passes. The 700 Yen one allows you to take all tram lines for one day. If you take the 900 Yen pass, you also have the option of taking the round-trip ferry from Miyajima with the Matsudai Kisen company.

IMPORTANT: This pass is not valid on local JR trains and the JR ferry from Miyajima to Miyajima-guchi.

Taisyo at Japanese Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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