How to get to Himeji

How to get to Himeji

Scfema, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Shinkansen and local trains

You can reach Himeji by Shinkansen from Kyoto (45 minutes – from 4840 Yen) and from Shin-Osaka (37 minutes – from 3280 Yen). If you start from Kyoto or Tokyo, you almost always have to change trains at Shin-Osaka. With local trains, you can reach the city from Kyoto (73 minutes – 2310 Yen) or from Osaka (67 minutes – 1520 Yen).

From Umeda you can reach SanyoHimeji station in about 95 minutes for 1300 Yen with the private Hanshin company.

If you have a Kansai Railway Pass, you can use it for private companies to reach the city.

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Bus from Tokyo

From Tokyo (Shibuya Mark City or Shinjuku bus station) you can get to Himeji (JR station) with the night buses of these companies: Willer, Shinki Bus and Keio Bus. The one-way ticket costs from 6000 Yen up to 10000 Yen. The journey takes about 10 hours.

Shinki Bus 295

Tokatsu Kokubu, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons